Multiple macro iframes breaks sandboxing?

I have a macro, which uses the autoconvert url feature to load a live preview iframe.
Pasting a url, my macro will load a small js app and use

AP.confluence.getMacroData(function (data) {})

to get ahold of the url pasted. This works just fine.

The problem arises when i then, in the same page editor pastes a similair url.
This second url triggers the autoconvert and my js app gets loaded, just like the first iframe.
However, the code below

AP.confluence.getMacroData(function (data) {})

will always return data for the first macro iframe… This seems to be broken?

Reloading the page solves the problem, but you can’t expect users to do that.

Has anyone any idea why this is working this way? Is it broken or am i missing something critical in how these macros function?

I’m facing the same situation.
Additionally, AP.confluence.saveMacro seems not to work either.