Multiple UI modules

Hi there,

I need to implement two modules in my forge app.
Modules are adminPage and issuePanel, do I need to have two react apps or is there a way to handle both modules in one react app?

Thank you

You can have them in the same repository. You just need to have them both listed separately in your manifest. Then define resources for each of them.

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I understand that it can be in same repository but I am wondering if can have it in the same “folder” inside static dir?

Right now I have static/issuePanel can I add adminPage inside this folder or will need to have two differed folders static/issuePanel and static/adminPage, that what I mean by two react apps.

Thank you!

Adding it to the same folder should be fine.

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@janambroz if you get this to work, would you mind sharing your folder structure and how your manifest looks like? I’m trying to implement something similar.