My Cloud Macro: Error message "App is not responding"

I’m testing my own macro für Confluence (Cloud)

Starting with:

  • Node v12.13.1
  • NPM 6.12.1


npm start

the last two lines are:

POST /installed 204 46.470 ms - -
Registered with host at https://(MyServerName)

On the confluence page in edit mode, my " Hello World macro " appears unter Insert Macro → all.

But if I select the macro, I get the error " App is not responding" in the macro window

" npm start " ist furthermore running an shows no error or information

Any idea, what is missing?


Hi @FrankLeverenz,

We ran into this issue just last week. I just now went through the tutorial again thinking maybe something needed to be updated.

I’m thinking that you may have a previous instance of the app installed in your Confluence instance and didn’t shut the app down in the correct way so that it uninstalls/deregisters in the site specified in the credentials.json file.

Let’s clean up the apps installed and try again. Can you follow these steps?

  1. Go to Manage apps page as you did in the Getting Started tutorial.
  2. Look for any apps named Hello World click on them to expand
  3. Click on Uninstall to remove the app.
  4. Run npm start in your terminal again and leave the window open
  5. When you’re done running the app do a Control-C this will stop the node app and will uninstall the app before the app completely shuts down.

Let me know if that works for you. We’ll update the tutorial to add in the bit about Control-C so that apps are being shut down correctly.


Hi guys,

I was facing the same difficulties as a Frank, so I’ve tried Ralph’s guide. Uninstalled the app and installed it again. I’m able to add macro using button Insert Macro -> all, but cannot search for macro using just typing /
Another question, do I have to leave the terminal still open? I would appreciate, if installed apps would stay in Manage apps section, is it somehow possible?


Hi Ludek,

my solution:
The problem was, that the cloud macros are using as a reverse proxy:

Local tunnel established at https://b4f0188a****/
Check for tunnel status
Registering add-on...
GET /atlassian-connect.json 200 12.760 ms - 633

and our firewall (watchguard) was blocking this site.

After setting to the firewall whitelist, the macro is running


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Hi Ralph,
reinstall did not work
see solution: put reverse proxy to firewall whitelist

Hello all,

while the api responding with 200 and a valid html body, the macro in confluence does not render anything and keeps displaying App is not responding.
Already removed and readied with no luck. The requests to descriptor and /installed endpoint are ok as I can see from the grok.

Any ideas ?