My first JIRA Import Wizard Plugin


I’m writing my first JIRA plugin (on-prem server version) and have a few questions.

Basically, I want to do the following :

  • show the user a login page (url, user, pwd)
  • this will result in a connection to an external REST API which gets a whole bunch of stuff to maybe turn into issues
  • the user selects the item they want to import and which jira project, user, priority to assign
  • the plugin creates an issue with sub-tasks per item
  • that’s it - kindof like a multi-step wizard

I’ve been perusing the tutorials etc. and have started coding this based on the simple-issue-crud tutorial ( I’ve got the communication bit down and can see how to proceed.

However, this would result in a multi-page interface with complete page refreshes between steps. I’d prefer a more fluid interface. I could always create a single Velocity template containing everything and handle visiblity updates via JS but this seems unweildly!

Is this ok or should I approach it differently? What are the best practices here?!