Navigating the parent iFrame

I have browsed through different documentation but have not really found a way - how can I add a link in my atlassian connect plugin that directs the user to for example Jira user overview. Currently I have added links but the header is duplicated - meaning the content is reloaded in to the iframe.

Only solution that is somewhat similar to what I want to achieve is described here:

But this does not allow concete URLs, this I would require for linking to issue search with a specific JQL query.

My question is, is there a solution that I have not found yet?


So yeah, found the simple solution :slight_smile: . Using target="_parent" works for tag

Just for reference, an other way to do this is to inject base:true as data options when you load the javascript library in your iframe:

<script src="" data-options="base:true;otheroption:value"></script>

You can then parse the base URL from the base tag like so:

const parentUrl = new URL(document.head.getElementsByTagName("base")[0].href);
const baseUrl = parentUrl.origin;
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