Navigation guidelines

In the product section of, there is no guideline for navigation yet. The ‘tabs’ page does mention it, however.

For navigating to different pages or areas with different content, use horizontal navigation guidelines instead.

Is there anything you can share with us about the navigation options? Even if it’s still work-in-progress?

@Maarten I could share with you the storybook code samples. The navigation is a component that is quite specific to use in products.

I think you will be looking at tabs as a component


Let me know if this helps. If you need code samples, I can zip up the storybook code and send it to your email.

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@jcheung, thank you for your reply.

We’re currently considering several options. One of them would be to divide our content over several tabs. We would be using the tab component to achieve this. Another option is to have everything on one big page, with a horizontal navigation to navigate to each section on the page.

For the second option, we apparently have to look at the “horizontal navigation guidelines”, as this is stated on the tab component documentation page in the first paragraph.

If you could share anything with me, that would be great. You can reach me on: