Navigation Not Aligning?

Notice how the side and top navigation doesn’t align properly?
It’s even in the example you guys provide!

I’ve noticed this long before, hoping there’d be discussion and a solution about this, but I’ve yet to find anything. Resided to my last option, bugging you all :smiley: Thoughts, comments?

Sorry, can you elaborate? How is this not aligning properly?

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Certainly! See the gap? I’m using page-layout to structure the AppFrame. When I implement my own sidebar with tabs from another package, that gap isn’t there.

It’s almost the size of the drop shadow from the AtlassianNavigation component :slight_smile:

Edit: it’s more obvious with a colored bg, but I’m sure others can recreate this issue as it’s also shown in the official examples!

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Awesome. Raised this with the Atlaskit team—we’ll keep you posted.


It seems to be an issue with the example, and not appearing in product. Could you let us know if you see this in the product / in your app? In the meantime I’m told the example will be fixed

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Yes, I was able to copy the source code for the example and tweak it to my needs. I should’ve compared what I had versus the updated example to specify the difference. Big thanks to the team :slight_smile: