Navigator.getLocation context missing

Previously, as can be seen on this post, the getLocation call on Navigator supported detection of a newly created draft page by returning contentCreate. This issue also discusses the feature.

Now, Navigator only support two contexts and contentCreate is neither of them. I looked through the deprecation notes, and the release notes, but I cannot find any reference to contentCreate support being removed.

Our only workaround is to pop up a message telling the user to save the page first, but our users are continually reporting this as a bug, here for example. And yes, despite telling them to “…save the page and try again” they still ask us what they should do next…

Was this removed on purpose? If yes, without any documentation? If no, then it’s a bug?

I just tried it and it seems to work fine.

It’s clearly missing from our developer documentation though, which was previously reported in CE-324.

As a developer, I can live with this issue and personally agree with you.

The problem and feedback I get from non technical users is the message in bold “cannot insert…” , which they seem to think , there is an issue. Also some of them got back to me in terms of “save”. The word is probably “publish”.

I think if we can BOLD the text “Please publish the Confluence page before inserting” – that should reduce the confusion. Thanks for reading (developer woes :sweat:)