Need dependency name for Commit View page

I’ve cloned the Atlassian example plugin Bitbucket Server Example Pull Request UI with the intention of altering it to operate on the Pull Request and Commit View pages. Instead of the TODO list maintained by the example plugin, I’ll be adding links to an external app.

In the example plugin definition (/src/main/resources/atlassian-plugin.xml) there’s a client-resources tag, shown below. Within it there’s a dependency definition for com.atlassian.bitbucket.server.bitbucket-web-api:pull-request-web-panels (bolded below). I’m not sure what the dependency does. Just judging by the name in the example tag, I think it must be fundamental code implementing the Client Web Panel Plugin Module code for the Pull Request page, and is a part of the BB Web API. I suspect I need a similar dependency for our plugin for the Commit View page.

<client-resource key="pr-overview-resources" name="Pull Request Overview Resources">
    <directory location="/css/" />
    <directory location="/js/" />
    <directory location="/soy/" />


My issue is that I can’t figure out from the documentation what the corresponding dependency is for the Commit View page. I’ve tried a few guesses with no success, and also tried just commenting out the dependency declaration, on the theory that I can’t find it because it doesn’t exist because it’s not needed. No luck.

I hope someone can come thru with the correct info.

The dependency is a web resource not a location. So the line about the ajs dependency is saying your resource depends on the fact that the javascript and css files for ajs exist and your resourse needs to be loaded after them.

Sorry, got distracted. So if you wanted a web-resource to show up somewhere like say on every page you want to use a context. like


Thanks, @justin_shapiro for your reply. I realize the dependency is a resource, and I think it’s a resource that’s specific to the Pull Request pages. What I’m asking is whether there’s a corresponding dependency for the Commit View page, and what its name is.

Hope that last bit clears it up some. a resource is not a location in the application. it’s a definition of resource files like javascript and style sheets the same as what you are defining. depending on a resource definition pulls those defined files into your location not the other way around.