Need Help Calling External APIs in Forge Plugin

I’m encountering difficulties calling external APIs within my Forge plugin. Despite reviewing the provided documentation (External Authentication and Product REST APIs), I’m unclear on how to generate authentication tokens and use them to access APIs like Azure, Graph, or custom REST endpoints.

Could you please provide detailed guidance on:

  1. Generating authentication tokens for external APIs.
  2. Making HTTP requests to various external APIs.
  3. Ensuring secure authentication and authorization within the Forge plugin.

Hi @JainDivyanshu ,

You don’t need to generate authentication tokens as Forge takes care of this for you. Can you please follow the Use an external OAuth 2.0 API with fetch tutorial and then revisit your app.



but I have microsoft not google. what command I need to use for microsoft.

@JainDivyanshu its pretty much exactly the same for Microsoft as for Google. All you have to do is configure an app in the Azure Portal, in Entra ID, and update the endpoints in the manifest to point to the equivalent Microsoft graph URLs.

Using the Microsoft Graph Explorer will give you an idea of the URLs and the scopes required.