Need Help in creating Auto Tickets using JEMH Alerts

Hello all,
Im trying to create auto tickets in JIRA service desk using JEMH profiles .So i’m able to create tickets but the requirement is to create only when some keyword is present in the BODY so can someone help me in this?

Hi @chander.korshika - you’re talking about the Marketplace app Enterprise Mail Handler, yeah? Check out the product/vendor support page here:

You’ll find docs, a service desk, an email, and even a phone number. :slight_smile:

/cc @andy

Yes ,Marketplace app Enterprise Mail Handler for JIRA.
I did created a support ticket to them ,however i was checking if anyone have an idea here on my question.
Thank you though !

Hey there, yes JEMH is a tool do do what you are describing, we got SUPPORT-5039 and will be responding shortly with details, the ways to approach this are:

  1. Use a scripted Custom Field Default value containing a value from the email (scoped to create/comment/both)
  2. Use the Regexp Field Processor inbuilt tool to map values found in the body to custom fields
  3. get creative and do you own low level scripting with the Script Field Processor, where you can code the exact extract you want, and use that to drive setting one or more fields /properties.
  4. Keyword matching is possible with Project Mappings but its generally a weak way to associate, you can create Rules to drive creation of issues in nominated projects by this path, in so doing, you can default specific issue fields to specific values.

Hi Andy,
RE: (SUPPORT-5039) Need Help in creating Auto Tickets using JEMH Alerts

Hi Andy,

First of all thank you so much …
so It’s a Server version .
Secondly I do not have much of scripting knowledge any other workaround ?
One more thing im not able to comment on the support ticket even cannot see it.

A quirk of cloud is that Portal users cannot login interactive, the issue was created through the portal. After you logged in interactively you have and Atlassian ID, they are different users. Until you have an Atlassian ID we can’t set you as the reporter, so this non-interactive access scenario occurs. You would have been able to login if you had logged in through the Portal.

I mentioned to Atlassian that Portal users should all be created as Atlassian ID to address this ongoing problem for cloud customers with JSD and Software in one instance, no movement yet…

You are now the reporter of the support case, having logged in with an Atlassian ID, the conversion continues in support and won’t be duplicated here.