Need help in setting up Atlassian SDK based plugin in local IDE(Eclipse/IntelliJ)

Please follow the below URL for the whole description and investigation done so far.

Hi @nitish.sajwan,

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Can you please provide us with a short description here?

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So when I am trying to import the plugin project in my eclipse, the pom file shows lots of error.
Attaching screenshot.

But the same project builds and run perfectly when I use atlas-run and atlas-package command via command prompt.

I am using windows machine to perform these actions.
Actions done so far

1)Before importing project I have already run command in command prompt.

  1. As suggested in this ticket

I have made the below changes in mvn.bat file

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In “atlas-mvn.bat” file comment out the following line:

call set MVN_COMMAND=%%MVN_COMMAND:${mavenPluginName}=%MVN_PLUGIN%%%

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Replace it with:


Any updates on this?

Hello @nitish.sajwan,

Are still experiencing problems with this one? Is it safe to assume that the plugin can still be compiled and run properly via CLI and the error/warning is in the IDE only?