Need help to request developer instance

Hi, I am new to the Jira developer community. I would need some help to request an appropriate developer instance. Here are my 2 questions.

  1. I am researching to integrate Jira ticketing functions with our on-prem web application. In our on-prem web application, we would like to add Jira as a ticketing service provider. Customer sets a Jira host URL and user account credential with us. Then when some pre-defined alerts are triggered in our web application, we will use REST API to create an issue ticket on Jira for the customer using the Jira host URL and the account credential.

So first of all, I need a jira instance for development and testing purpose. I read through a lot of documents from, but could not decide what kind of instance works best for my case. We do not build app on top of Jira, but only use java and REST API to connect to Jira to create tickets. For such simple case, can/should we still use cloud platform instance? For cloud platform, I don’t think we need Forge platform. But we need to be able to open Jira UI from browser to update tickets after tickets are created. So I am not sure if external integrations with OAuth 2.0 is enough for us, or Connect frameworks should be used.

Can I get advice to what platform of developer instance I should use?

  1. Where exactly should I request the developer instance? I went here:
    Sign up - Try Atlassian Cloud | Atlassian
    In “Create your account” section, I entered my work email, and I only got this error message:
    “Something went wrong. Please try again.”
    I am very sure that I entered a valid and correct work email.
    Please advise me the correct link to request developer instance.


Hi @mei_thom. Welcome to the developer community!

If you’re building an integration that is off-Atlassian (not intending to build into the Jira interface), building an OAuth 2.0 3LO app makes a lot of sense. See:

If the user is logged in with their Atlassian account (which they would need to be in order to authorize your integration), then you could definitely send/link the user off directly to their Jira Cloud instance (directly to issue view, for example).

You can get your own developer instance at


Hi @nmansilla, thank you for your reply and links. I tried on another browser (firefox) and I was able to sign up and get the instance created. Will explore more in the instance next.


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