Need help with Rest v3 APIs

I am using Jira Service Desk on the cloud.

I created a user and added property as described here

PUT https://<>/rest/api/3/user/properties/available?accountId=5

	"value": "true"

When I do Get for above property, I get the correct expected results

    "key": "available",
    "value": {
        "value": "true"

Now when i search the user for the given property condition

GET rest/api/3/user/search?property=available.value=true

I don’t find the user for which I have set the property above. I think I am missing something as I have seen this working. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Hello @jcoleman,

Unfortunately, this is a known issue with Find users REST API, please check [ACJIRA-1641] - Ecosystem Jira for more information. As an alternative, you can use Find users by query, so your search will look something like

/rest/api/3/user/search/query?query=[available].value is true

Hope this helps.

Thanks @iragudo,

The Find users by query is experimental so we avoided it initially. Not sure how reliable it is to use experimental api.

Also if I use the Find Users method as described in the problem I get 4 users. But if i use the experimental API I get 10 users in result.