Need help with using AUI styles in Gadget


I’m developing my first Jira gadget, based on the tutorial for the projects gadget. I’ve changed the list of projects to be a table and I wanted to apply the aui style to the table

<table class="aui">

When I do that, my table gets the aui class but it’s getting the aui style from common.css which, for some reason sets border-collapse to separate (not collapse) and my table looks bad.

common.css is overriding tables.css which does set border-collapse to collapse.

So first question, why is common.css overriding what I would think would be the normal aui style?

Second, assuming this just is what it is, I tried to include my own css file with for my gadget by putting this in my atlassian-plugin.xml

    <web-resource key="resources">
		<resource type="download" name="dsinfo.css"   location="dsinfo.css">
	      <property key="content-type" value="text/css"/>

I created dsinfo.css in my resources directory and in my gadget.xml file I have these lines


I thought the last line would include my own resources (as defined in atlassian-plugin.xml) but my style sheet is not being included.

Any insight into what I’m doing wrong and why I can’t seem to use aui styles in my gadget?


I figured this out. I needed to add another line in my gadget xml file to include my web-resource