Need to pull group sizes from API for Forge App

I am currently unable to discover a way to find a value for group sizes through the API. The only current way I can see is through paginating a list of users from GetUsersFromGroup (/rest/api/3/group/member) and doing a count on the list.

This is not an option because of the 25s function runtime limit and other constraints. I am already jumping through hoops to give my application the functionality it needs for gathering the information my end-user needs because of user volume in certain groups.

I’d like to have a special case for these high volume groups since they are too large to bulk access the required information from each user, however I cannot seem to find a way to reasonably count the groups given the constraints of Forge.

Please send help.

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @CoreyMosley.

If you are looking for a group’s total size using /rest/api/3/group/member, you can refer to the total field. Here’s an example response after I ran

    "self": "",
    "nextPage": "",
    "maxResults": 1,
    "startAt": 0,
    "total": 13378,
    "isLast": false,

Since you are only interested in the group size, I used maxResults and set it to 1 to minimize the response size.

Let us know if this helps your use case.



@iragudo Perfect! Thank you so much.