Need visibility into 401 Forbidden upon migration webhook installation

Hello, I’m from Structure Cloud app team. We fail to install migration webhook for some customers even after retrying 10 times.
We are making a PUT request to the “/rest/atlassian-connect/1/migration/webhook?version=1” endpoint and receiving 401 Unauthorized.
Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information about the reason for the response.

For example: on 7 February at 18:52:36 UTC on our side we receive 401, Atl-Traceid: ae0065f4f31a4759b97844b881e5ccd6

Could you help us to understand the reason for the 401 response?

Hi @KonstantinBakharev1,

First up, the ?version=1 isn’t needed any more and the documentation doesn’t have it any longer

Unless it needs to be different for each install, it’s better to have the webhook defined in the `atlassian-connect.json file.

If you’re using the PUT option, make sure it’s after the /enabled lifecycle is called, and even better to give it about 30 seconds.

If it continues, you can open a ticket in and we get dig into it.

Mention this post as well, so we can come back and also write an answer here for everyone else.



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Hi @jrichards,thank you for your quick answer.

We will remove version from our requests and check delay after /enabled lifecycle.

Best regards, Bakharev Konstantin