Network error - code 413

Today some users accessing the staging env app got this error. Any idea what that means (beside the obvious)? I can access the app just fine from my location

I noticed, this appears to anyone but on specific issue. If related to the issue then I will try to minimize the issueData request with:


Still the error appears when I try to submit a form and I could only find this explanation online Solved: Plugin Webhook 413 error (

As the night arrived I could test my idea on the staging environment. And it proved right, skimming down the issueData retrieval made things work.

So it seems like a capacity limitation of some kind. Not sure what. Solution was more gut feeling than logic. Some explanation should be added to docs, etc.

Hey Richard,

Was the information in this issue particularly large in size? A 413 status code is typically related to the payload size.

Yes. I was retrieving a complete issue from Jira. Then I disabled all comments, all worklogs, all attachments and got rid of the excess baggage, no more error

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