Never display GetStarted button if the useAsGetStarted flow is done by the user

I’ve got an adminPage module here is that part of the manifest.yml

    - key: admin-config
      resource: main
        endpoint: cloudflare-remote
      title: Configuration
      useAsConfig: true
    - key: getting-started
      resource: main
        endpoint: cloudflare-remote
      title: MyPlugin
      useAsGetStarted: true

Like this Forge displays a “Get Started” and a “Configure” button on the application management page.
But how do I disable or remove the “Get Started” button if the Getting started process is finished? Can I somehow trigger it dynamically from the custom ui react app?
Please help me with that!

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @GyorgyVARGA,

As far as I know, there is no way to do this as of yet.


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Wow. Thank you. I think that is a very bad user experience. @AdamMoore or @AtlassianDeveloper do you now anything about this when this will be implemented in Forge?

@GyorgyVARGA no immediate plans. It’s not something we track the state of at the moment