New Atlassian Profile - Webpanel available?

We’re the developers of the Custom User Profile for Confluence addon.

Some of our customers report that they now get redirected to the new “Atlassian profile” when clicking on usernames within Confluence, as was announced recently in the “Atlassian Cloud changes Jun 18 to Jun 25” email.

We were utilizing the “” webpanel to show additional profile fields on user profiles within Confluence. It doesn’t seem to hook into the new Atlassian profile though.

Will there be a Confluence webpanel to hook into for the Atlassian profile? Specifically, will there be a replacement for the “” webpanel that we’re currently using for our addon? If not, does that mean our addon is now useless without any way to hook into a user’s profile?

The same question applies for Jira where we built the same addon, but let’s focus on Confluence first.

Thanks, Ben

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Hi @ben2 - I’m the Product Manager looking after Unified Profile. I just wanted to let you know we are aware of this, and have been discussing it today.

We will aim to have impacted customers rolled back ASAP, will avoid rolling forward any of your customers, and will get back to you regarding a long term approach as soon as we can.

Thanks, Matt


@mrussell that’s great news, thanks a lot! I assume you’ll also rollback our customers from the Jira addon? What happens to customers that are going to install one of those addons in the future? Will the rollback be triggered for them after they install the addon?

I’m aware that the Unified Profile is neither part of Confluence nor Jira, but maybe it’s possible to have a WebPanel for addon content from both addons in there? We already had customers ask us for a “Unified Custom Profile” and with the new Unified Profile, they’d only have to install one of our addons to have their custom fields in profiles for both Confluence and Jira.

Hello Atlassian,
we have also developed an addon which needs the location “”! Additionally, we would need a cloud condition to verify that the user of the displayed profile (not currentUser) has accepted to publish her/his data according to GDPR. Do you have any plan, when this will be available as it is very important for us?

Tanks, Nici

Hi Ben, Nemmel,

We’ve been doing a lot of discussing internally to explore options for the situation we have here. Introducing the new profile has shifted the paradigm for profile management. Site admins no longer have authority over the user profile, because that same account can appear in multiple sites, and it takes the same profile everywhere.

Replicating your apps in the new profile world would require an Organisation Admin to install the apps on the profiles of their managed accounts (this requires a domain claim).

Unfortunately the infrastructure for Org admins to install apps is not currently available. At the same time, we don’t have web panels on the new unified profile. We don’t expect these to be in place for at least the next 12 months.

We absolutely want the new profiles to be extensible, we’re just not there yet.

Hi @mrussell,

thanks for the update, although very disappointing. Did you receive my PM about a customer that requested his account to be switched back to the legacy profiles so they can use our addon? How would I communicate requests like those in the future?

Also, do you have a timeline when my customers currently using (and paying for) our addons will be forced to switch to the new profiles?

And finally, how can we as addon vendors make sure that we don’t invest our precious time developing addons that become obsolete within 6 months of their initial release? Do you have a “deprecated soon” section that we could follow or some Jira backlog where we can see what’s being changed next?

Hi @ben2,
I just wanted to circle back to your questions about the current customers / current opt-out process we have in place for your customers.

We have a few additional changes that have to occur before we can be in a position to enforce the adoption of the new people directory, but our hope is to have those completed by the end of this calendar year. This is mainly around the completion of the shift to this new paradigm - the directory experience will no longer be directly associated / attributed to sites, and rather become a directory of the people you work with, wherever you’re working with them.

I can’t speak to your final question, though I can totally see the pain it’s causing, and I can understand your frustration. I’ve been speaking with the people responsible for the developer ecosystem, and they’re aware of the broader issue.

@mrussell thanks for the update. That’s unfortunate, I guess we were just unlucky then. Hope we have more luck with the shelf life of our other addons.

If you could answer my final question in the support ticket I’ve raised regarding the automatic rollback of our Jira addon, I’d appreciate it - thanks!