New AUI announcement?

It seems a new AUI release broke the layouting for displaying our editor. Did I miss a post announcing this or somewhere beta testing was available?

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I would not be surprised if this is related to Announcing Confluence Cloud Theming Preview for Developer Canary Program and RFC-11: Dark Mode & Theming is coming to Confluence Cloud

@AlexWhite, to be honest I’m also a bit surprised that RFC-11 was resolved and closed even though it hardly got any traction. Like I mentioned in the RFC, a lot of developers are probably still focussing on adding Design Tokens for their Jira apps. Going forwards with adding Dark Mode support for confluence at the same time and expecting Marketplace Partners to deal with this massive transition of both flagship products is alienating to me.

I understand that Atlassian works in siloed teams, but Marketplace Partners do not.

CC: @ibuchanan / @tpettersen

Every full screen macro in conf cloud has this layout problem. It’s a fixed height buffer at the bottom of the screen. I’ll raise a ticket.



@AlexWhite Our dialogs are also resized, and have changed background color. However they are not fullscreen.

Yeah, all dialogs have this 314 pixel area blocked out.

Hi all - the Confluence Cloud team is aware of this recent regression and it is being addressed with urgency. This is unrelated to our RFC about theming but rather, as the topic suggestions, it’s due to an upgrade to AUI 7.x within Confluence Cloud which is included in A colleague told me that a community post had been planned to accompany this changelog after the release was complete.

The issue that was fixed last week via also returned due to the AUI upgrade. We will address both the max-height and the background-color for dialogs with a fix.

Please follow for this new issue.

Thanks. Could the prority of the issue reflect that urgency please?

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Hi @AlexWhite ,
The changelog announcement seems for a process that already started in May?

We load AUI ourselves in our app iframe, but we are still impacted by the update. What can we do?

Hi @marc , the change I’m referring to above is dated 9 June 2023. The issue is in Confluence itself, not within AUI loaded into iframe. Confluence itself is upgrading AUI.

@AlexWhite yes, the changelog is dated June 9th, but it says the update started in May!

Hello everyone,

My team is responsible for the AUI release within Confluence Cloud.

First off, this issue is completely separate from the previous CONFCLOUD-75937 issue, the timing just happens to be very coincidental.

To provide some more context, we upgraded the version of AUI shipped with Confluence Cloud from 6.1.4 to 7.6.2. @marc the original planned release date was in May, which we released, but had to roll back due to some issues with testing infrastructure internally. We just re-released the update this week.

We followed the AUI upgrade guides and documentation as best as we could to preemptively squash any issues that might spring up, but obviously we missed this scenario within 3rd party apps. Like Alex said, we now have a fix ready to go that should resolve the issue, we are just waiting on some verification and then the deployment process.

I apologize for any inconvenience this caused, and we will explore ways for us to better test changes in a 3rd party environment in the future so that we can avoid these disruptions.

Looking to the future, this is part 1 of a 4-part upgrade to Confluence Cloud’s AUI library. We will be publishing a community post later today that outlines some of the details behind the upgrade and what to look out for as developers going forward.

I will update this thread with a link to the community post once it is live.

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You can find the community post mentioned above outlining the details of the AUI upgrade at the following link:

There is already a process for this? I would avoid re-inventing the wheel and just use the existing Developer Canary program


Hello all,

Just as an update from our side:

We rolled AUI v7.10.3 out to production last week.

In the spirit of transparency, we were actually not able to deploy and test the changes via the Developer Canary program due to the nature of the AUI upgrade and the delivery mechanism used by the Canary program.

Instead, we created a new internal method of testing changes in production just for the AUI upgrade, and will continue to leverage this in the future.

Thanks for your understanding, and enjoy your weekend.