New Confluence experience for your cloud add-on

The new ADG 3 experience is on its way to Confluence Cloud, so we’ll shortly be enabling ADG 3 for developers who have opted in to be part of the Confluence Cloud vendor beta. If you haven’t yet opted in for this beta, you can do so here:

For a rundown of the changes that can be expected with ADG 3 on Confluence Cloud, have a look at this page:

As stated on the above page, customer sites with add-ons installed will not have ADG 3 enabled for now. Additionally, if a customer with ADG 3 enabled installs an add-on, they will be reverted to the previous user experience. We’re essentially looking to fix some key issues affecting add-ons before removing this exclusion. These key issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Moving web-item locations into the global sidebar (system.header/left has already been moved)
  • Resolving blocker issues relating to theming & custom content
  • Resolving blocker issues relating to add-ons settings screens

Should you notice issues relating to your add-on with ADG 3 enabled, please create a CE issue, and attach the “Navigation - Single Page App” component to it:


I noticed an inconsistency in the new sidebar UI - there is no mouse over on these two buttons:

(Browser is Chrome on OSX)

Actually, the help and user profile buttons don’t have a mouse over either.

And also when you drag the left-hand navigation bar to expand it (rather than clicking to expand), most of the button labels are blank until you release the mouse button.

Thanks James. I’ve logged all of these as issues!

I’m not sure if this is intentional (which is why I haven’t logged a CE issue), but the behaviour of configuring a space as the site home page has changed in the beta.

It still works if you type the URL e.g. into the browser, but the link on the global sidebar always take you to the dashboard. However, it will open the space set as the site home page if you open in a new tab (hovering over the link also suggests the link will goto

But even if it was working the same as the current Confluence UI, this raises a new issue since the functions in the dashboard sidebar aren’t accessible from the space when configured as the site home page.

Are you planning to release the new UI in combination with add-ons this Summit?

Our add-on is not working correctly in the new UI. We haven’t really looked into it yet, but we think we know what the issue might be. However, we are working hard to prepare for Summit and haven’t had the time to really dig into this.

If you could share your plan on when you expect these changes to go into effects for users who also have add-ons installed, that would be great.

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I just noticed another update to the beta UI - the application navigator has returned (although its in the bottom left, not the top left now).

This is another I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, or something weird in my instance…

When I create a new page or blog post, the default location for the new content isn’t reflecting my current space.

Earlier it appeared to be reflecting the previous space I was browsing. However, I then created a personal space and it appears to be stuck on that as my default regardless of the space I’m actually in.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Maarten - the plan is to exclude all customers with add-ons from having ADG 3 enabled until we’ve resolved identified blockers and major issues relating to add-ons. This will not happen before Summit. In particular, there are a number of issues relating to custom content - is it Atlas CRM that is not working correctly?

The plan at this stage is complete the rollout by the end of May.

Hi James - you’ve raised a couple of points, so I’ll respond to them all here :slight_smile:

  1. Setting a new homepage - changing the homepage of your site should work in the same way as before, so what you’ve identified is a bug. We’ve actually excluded customers who’ve changed their homepage from being targeted by ADG 3, so that they won’t be impacted whilst we resolve the issue.
  2. New UI for global navigation - this is one of the accompanying changes of the new side bar navigation. The global sidebar is massively simplified, and only includes home, search, app switcher, create, help and user settings. The dashboard sidebar is new - it contains access to dashboards, spaces, people, add-ons, settings, site admin and notifications. The rule for add-ons in the dashboard sidebar is that if a customer has only one add-on, it will display directly. If they have 2+ add-ons, a folder for add-ons is created.
  3. Application navigator - yes, this has just been added back in, and in a new location.
  4. Default location of new content - thanks for pointing this out. This sounds like a bug, but I haven’t been able to replicate it. Are you able to raise a ticking in the Confluence Ecosystem JIRA with steps to reproduce?
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Hi Caroline - we have only checked Atlas CRM so far, which makes use of customer content. We haven’t looked into the problem yet as we’re on a tight schedule getting everything ready for Summit. And we haven’t even looked at the other add-ons yet.

It’s good to know that it will not be released at Summit. I hope we’ll be able to fix everything before the end of May.

@cbartle Is it already deployed for 100% Confluence Cloud users?

Thanks for your question @nnmatveev.

Completion of the ADG3 rollout has been pushed out to the end of July.

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Hi! Has the rollout finished? Also what are estimates for JIRA?

Hi @nnmatveev - apologies for the delayed response on this. We are very close to completing the rollout. At this stage, there are a few exclusions in place that prevent 100% of Confluence Cloud customers from having ADG3 enabled, but it looks like it’s switched on for about 92% of customers. We’ll hopefully be at 100% in a week or two.


Thanks for the answer! Where I can find the estimates for JIRA new UI rollout?