New! Convert any page to a blog in Confluence

Hi Atlassian Developer Community,

My name is Avni Barman, and I am a Product Manager on the Confluence Tailored Experiences team! One of the largest pieces of feedback we have received recently is the desire to convert any page into a blog. You now have the ability to convert or publish any page as a blog post in just two clicks!

Convert Any Page to a Blog

With this new feature, you no longer have to lose your changes or recreate work when migrating content from a page to a blog. Whether you started on a page or just changed your mind later, you can easily switch to blog mode!

Simply head to the More actions (•••) in the top right corner and select Convert to blog.

Choose which space you want this blog to live in and click Convert to blog.

Now this page lives as a blog post under the other blogs in your selected space! (Your existing comments and likes will be preserved while the creation date and time will reset.)

Publish Any Page As a Blog

If you haven’t published your draft yet, you can also publish your page as a blog straight while editing!

Select Publish As Blog from the More actions (•••) meu. Then select the space where you want to publish this blog and select Publish as blog.

Bam! Now your page is published as a blog in your selected space!

Feedback or Questions?

Don’t forget to let us know any feedback or questions you have in the comments. We’d love to hear your suggestions on how we can make this experience even better for you!

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