New custom UI functionality and platform limits

Hey All :sparkles:,

Two weeks ago we launched our new UI extensibility option, custom UI. The Developer Community provided us with some great feedback and we’re more excited than ever for the future of Forge!

As a result of your feedback, we’ve rolled out the following changes to production today. :rocket:

ADDED - requestJira and requestConfluence methods for custom UI apps

Previously, to call a product API, you’d need to define a resolver, and implement the product API call yourself.

In this release, we’re now providing requestJira and requestConfluence API calls with the @forge/bridge package. Note, you’ll still need to define a resolver for your custom UI app to work. See Custom UI bridge for more details and examples.

Run npm install @forge/bridge@latest in your resource directory to update to the latest version.

UPDATED - Increased bundle size limits for custom UI apps

You can now build custom UI apps with bigger bundle sizes (50 MB) and more files (max 10,000). See Resource limits for more details.

As well as the updates above, we’ve also released the following changes:

ADDED - Limit of 100 fetch requests per app invocation

We’ve implemented a limit of 100 fetch requests for each invocation of your app. Note, this limit excludes the fetch requests made using requestJira or requestConfluence . See Platform limits for more details.

UPDATED - Changes in installation behavior in Forge CLI version 0.25.0

The forge install command no longer upgrades existing installations. You must now use the forge install --upgrade command to upgrade existing installations.

BUG FIXES - Forge CLI version 0.25.0

This release includes:

  • Improved error messaging for custom UI deployments.
  • Improved forge lint manifest validation for custom UI resources.

Have any feedback? Let us know in the thread below! :heart: