New Developer and Marketplace Support Page and Service Desk

thanks for pointing this out! I’ll fwd it to our team to update.

Hi @biro you can find app features in Partner resources. Programs that are related to security (such as bug bounty) can be found in Security programs.

@Andrew_Golokha @ginak how can we easily watch for new public tickets created in ECOHELP?

I believe this is critical to get confirmation and more eyes on bigger incidents, also to help partners get notified that their app might not be working.

Hi @ben2. Public incident tickets can be tracked here. I totally agree that there is a benefit of updating existing incident tickets (when available) with additional details, since it helps us to better understand the impact.

Hello @Andrew_Golokha, sorry for the misunderstanding. I have seen the Jira Filter and included it in my message above, however I don’t see a way to get notified (e.g. via Email or Slack) when a new ticket appears in the Filter.

Before, I was able to subscribe to the “Critical Incidents” category here on CDAC and was notified about all new public incidents reported by other partners (and I guess many other partners have done this as well). How can we do this going forward?

I already missed 2 public incidents and think it’s important that all partners can let themselves notify easily about new incidents among us partners.


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Hi @ben2,

Getting notified of new incidents on JSM works differently than CDAC. Here is a couple of options to keep yourself updated with the new incidents:

1. Filter Subscription
You can subscribe to the filter to receive email notifications for new incidents. We understand that this subscription doesn’t provide instant notification to new incidents, but you can configure the subscription to send updates every X minutes if the daily interval doesn’t work for you. Just be sure that the option “Email this filter, even if there are no issues found” is unchecked so your inbox doesn’t get flooded with updates when no incidents are found.

2. JSM Issue Creation Notification
Alternatively, we adjusted the notification scheme to send out “Issue created” notifications for all public incidents to Service Desk Customers. The only downside to this solution is that we need to add the users separately to the Service Desk Customers role on a case-by-case basis.

We recommend using the first option - Filter Subscription as it offers a more flexible way to get notified for newly created incidents.



Hi @syong,

Thank you so much for your suggestions.

I didn’t know about the Jira filter subscriptions! That would work, however if I understood correctly it would send email notifications every X minutes while there are any issues visible. As the filter is probably empty most of the times, it would hopefully not be too annoying when configuring an interval of e.g. 15 minutes or 1 hour.

The second suggestion works well and already helped me get notified about an incident yesterday that we were also affected by - thanks!

Is there a way for my colleagues and other partners to sign up for the “Service Desk Customers” role? Or are they automatically signed up as a Marketplace partner?

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Hey @ben2,

Try searching for “project = ecohelppub AND created >= -1h”, and subscribe with an hourly frequency. That seems to work for me.



Hello @Andrew_Golokha , can you tell me where can I apply for the staff pick for some of our apps? Thanks

Now that these support channels have been streamlined, to help manage expectations, what is the expected response time on ECOHELP?

Hi @IlonaMaras, the relevant request type is available here. Hope it helps!

Great question, @james.dellow! We are working to revamp and summarize it and will share the news in a separate announcement.

In the meantime, we are sticking to the old set of SLO’s and more aggressive response times for incident submissions.

@Andrew_Golokha I’m not really interested in the SLOs but improvement of the actual response and resolution times overall. E.g. I logged an issue on the 2nd September and first response was 7 days later. I have another unresolved issue from the 4th August and can’t get any response.

Hi @Andrew_Golokha,

I just noticed that we aren’t able to comment on ECOHELPPUB tickets. What’s the reason behind this? We used to be able to discuss incidents on CDAC, also between vendors, to give each other hints regarding workarounds and share progress. Would be great if we could do the same on ECOHELPPUB. Since it’s entirely optional and the reporter isn’t shared publicly, it should not interfere with any privacy concerns.

What do you think?

Also, ECOHELPPUB-10 just disappeared. It was public before, but now I get an error “You don’t have access to this issue”.

Hi @ben2, it looks like we’ve accidentally changed the visibility setting that caused the issues you described. It was not supposed to happen, sorry about that. You should be able to access and comment on that public ticket now (as well as any public tickets). Can you check if it’s working?


Hi @Andrew_Golokha, thanks for fixing this so quickly! I can confirm the issue is visible and we can comment on any public ticket by clicking on “Add internal note”.

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Hi @james.dellow, thanks for clarifying your question. We’ve prioritized your tickets, but this is definitely not where we want to be in terms of the response and resolution times. Although we’ve significantly improved these metrics across the board, we still have those “one offs” for certain request types. I’ve brought this up internally to address this issue. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

So euhm… @Andrew_Golokha, about this new unified Marketplace Support service desk thingy… from a Marketplace Partner perspective I’m afraid it seems a bit like a regression to be honest.

The response times aren’t really great. To give you an example, in the past, when I created ERCLOUD requests to get apps Cloud Fortified I would get near instant responses. As in, my last ERCLOUD review started 75 minutes after ticket creation.

My current Cloud Fortified requests have been open for 7 days. I mean, I do not expect 75 minutes, but a service response degradation from 75 minutes to 10080 minutes is not the type of result that I was expecting from migrating to the new ECOHELP system.

If this is the type of response time we can expect, can we please go back to DCHELP / ERCLOUD / DEVHELP and AMKTHELP?

CC: @tpettersen

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I can confirm this, one of my Ecohelp Tickets has been in status New for 14 days.

Also I noticed that transitions from the customer portal do not work due to a workflow issue (Resolve transition is blocked)