New Developer Portal and Listing Localization 🌍

We’ve created a new Developer Portal to improve how you manage, create, and update Power-Ups. :earth_americas::earth_asia:

The new Developer Portal can be found by logging into Trello and visiting: Trello

There you will see a list of Power-Ups that you are able to manage by team.

Localizing Listings

After selecting a Power-Up and then selecting Listings from the navigation in the left, you’ll be taken to the new listing editor.

Here you can add listings for localizations that Trello supports. Lozalized listings will be displayed to Trello users based on the locale they have set for Trello. Great Power-Ups include localized listings for the locales that they support. Read our Power-Up Localization documentation for more on how to make your Power-Up accessible to Trello users across the globe.

Full documentation on updating lists can be found at

URL Changes

The new Developer Portal

Previously, editing Power-Ups was done via the following URL structure:


The new URL structure is: