New editor does not style nested Jira macro

For the new page editor a Jira single issue macro that is nested in a rich-text body macro (either staticContentMacro or dynamicContentMacro): the Jira macro renders as a plain link instead of a styled Jira link.

Things work fine for old/original pages. It is only the new/fabric pages where the problem exists.

In this screenshot the first Jira macro is placed directly on the page and renders a styled Jira link. The second Jira macro is nested in one of our macros and renders a plain link:

Can someone at Atlassian look into this? One of our customers is citing this as a blocker for them to migrate Server → Cloud.



@TureHoefner Thanks for reporting. I’ve been discussing this with the Engineering team they said it looks like a bug and I’ve created a CONFCLOUD issue [CONFCLOUD-70690] Fabric editor does not style nested Jira macro - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. please watch/vote to follow.


Thanks @rwhitbeck!

By the way, I had reported this in Dec 2019 w/ DEVHELP-4027.
I think that CDAC is the preferred way of reporting bugs to Atlassian now, but from 2019 until earlier this year I had been using the DEVHELP system.

Could you give some feedback to partner engineering and support?

I suppose it’s fine if we are going to mothball the DEVHELP system but if we do that then someone needs to go searching through it for old cases that never got addressed. Also, DEVHELP should probably be taken offline to get people to completely stop using it and use CDAC instead. Nobody ever responded to that ticket.