New endpoint in bulk update API

Hi everyone!

I am glad to announce that there is another experimental endpoint in properties bulk update API. It allows you to update several entity properties in multiple issues with one call.

You can find more informations in docs here: Issues properties bulk update

If you have any questions or requests, we will be happy to address them.


Hi @KrzysztofKosciuk

I’m using the bulk property update API to store the children of each Epic as a property on each Epic.

This is essentially an array of issues attached to the “children” property.

This works for most Epics, but when an Epic has lots of child issues, and those issues have lots of sub-task children, I begin to get a status 400, and no update occurs.

This only happens for the 2 largest Epics in my instance, but I’m concerned many of my customers may not see the children of their Epics if they are over the limit.

Is there some kind of limit on how big an array can be when it’s saved as a property?

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Hi @RhysDiab!

There actually is a limit on how big of a property you can create. In documentation there is specified limit on length of property values, which is 32768 bytes.
If value is bigger than that, property will not be created, which should be the same for all endpoints that let you create or update them.
You can find more informations about properties here: entity property docs.

Probably the length of JSON generated from array of issues exceeds this limit for these few larger epics and request fails.

I hope this answers you question. If you have any further questions, let me know.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Kościuk


Thanks for the insight @KrzysztofKosciuk!

Looks like it’s not specific to the issue properties bulk update API.

Thanks again.


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