New Event - Enterprise Readiness: Product Team Talk Time

:wave: We have a new Product Team Talk Time queued up for you!

Register here!

Join the Enterprise Cloud team to dive into the multiple streams of work that they have underway. They’ll share a high-level overview of each topic and their plans and are hoping to get a sense of which projects interest developers building on Atlassian. The programs they’ll touch on are:

  • Data Residency
  • FedRamp
  • BYOK (Bring your own key encryption)

All four of these streams of work involve considerations for extending Atlassian’s platform and programs to enable developers to provide an Enterprise-ready experience through their applications.


Registration is closed?

Sorry about that; ran out of RSVP slots. I’ve bumped the number and you should be able to register again!

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Is there a recording for who missed this?


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