New feature coming to Confluence Cloud: Very Quick Reload

Hi developer community,

What is changing?

In order to alleviate the customer pain point of slow reloads on Confluence pages, we’re launching Very Quick Reload.

This is an update to an existing feature. When users are viewing a page and another person makes comments or publishes edits, the user receives this notification with a “Reload” link/button:


Currently: when clicked, the browser does a full refresh of the page (same as user clicking the browser’s refresh button).

Change: with the new feature “Very Quick Reload”, after the users click the button, only the page content will refresh, while other behavior remains the same. Users won’t lose their scroll position, and load times will be much faster.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. This shouldn’t affect your apps in any way, but feel free to ask us questions here if you have any. We will be enabling this for instances in the developer first release cohort on Dec 3rd, 2020 along with a small number of customers, followed by 25% of customers the next day (and so on). Thanks!


Sorry to bring this up again, but a lot of vendors would appreciate a little more advanced notice if that’s possible. How about turning it on for developer first cohorts and then wait until Monday or Tuesday for us to find time to do testing and report any problems back to you?


I guess all bugs on our end get forwarded to @DennisLu so he can respond to customers over the weekend. Happy to see Atlassian volunteer to do support for us outside of business hours.


@jbevan , @boris and the rest of the Developer Community.

Thanks for raising this issue. I want to say that I did work with Dennis this morning to approve this post. I made a bad assumption when reviewing these comms that this should not affect your app to mean that this wouldn’t require any effort on your part, I should have known better.

As soon as I saw Jon’s reaction to the timing I realized that was a bad call on my part. We have worked out with @DennisLu and his team to wait until Monday to start customer rollouts.

In the meantime the feature is rolled out to those instances that have signed up for the Confluence Cloud: Developer-First Rollouts for Ecosystem App Developers (or casually called the Ecosystem Beta Group at times). So please start testing.

Additionally, we have agreed on a response plan to handle issues that arise.



It looks like your feature may be broken

Looks like it took 5 minutes to show up. But it worked.

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@DennisLu From a user perspective I understand this new feature. I’ve got a question from a developer perspective: Currently, when a user updates/checks a checkbox on a page, the context variables in AP calls are not updated (see Edits to checkboxes do not update req.context and Edit mode loads stale macro context after the context has been updated ).

Can you make sure that after a quick reload all context variables are updated? Otherwise macro’s might display stale content.

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Thanks for updating us that it is working.

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Hi Marc,

Thanks for the specific details, always helpful. After reading a bit it looks like I’m going to have to pass this onto one of the devs, so an answer may take a little while (hours if lucky, days if unlucky, especially if we’re looping in other teams).

Hi Marc,

We have a best guess now, we’re still checking for more details with another team. At the moment we think it will work correctly, as the way the feature works behind the scenes looks a lot like switching from one page to another, and the entire content area is remounted.

This means for macros (of all types, including our Jira Issue Macro) they are remounted blank, and resync with the backend (maybe not the best user experience, but overall better than before). This makes us think all macros will work well.

As I said we’re checking with the adjacent team and I will come back again when we find out more.


@DennisLu Thank you for your answer and following up. Really appreciated!

Thanks Ralph. What specific time and timezone on Monday would this be rolled out?

Also is this change only for Fabric editor or is also fo the ‘legacy’ pages?


Hi Brendan,

We’re located in Pacific time zone, so most things won’t happen until pacific AM at the earliest. It looks like we’re just about to turn it on, so around noon Pacific.

I’ve double checked with engineering and confirmed this is agnostic of page type, so it works with/affects both Fabric and ‘legacy’ pages.