New Install Callback Fields

Hi, I just wanted to highlight a blog post which is relevant to app vendors.

We will be adding some new fields to the install payload to inform apps if an instance is associated with a custom domain name. Unless your app is strictly validating the content of the install payload the addition of these fields should not cause any problems.

For the most part we do not expect apps to need the information in these fields. It is provided for any cases where an app needs to render links, server side, using the custom domain.

Initially these fields will contain the same value as the baseURL field. There will be followup notices when we start to populate these fields with distinct values. In the interim the fields may or may not be present for a given instance as we rollout this support. Apps should not require these fields to be present.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns


Has this been tested with ACE?

@boris The new fields will not cause an ACE based app any issues. While the new fields will not cause any issues, I do note that the current version of ACE will not take any action to store or use these fields.