New Issue View max-height causing multiple scroll bars on long iframes


We develop ProForma and have use cases where users may create forms that, when rendered, have a computed height in excess of 1500px. In the new issue view it appears that the div wrapping our iframe is setting a max-height of 1500px. This means that there are two scrollbars on the page, one for the containing Jira page, and one inside our iframe, and the user now has to scroll to the bottom of both to see their entire form.

This creates an odd and jarring user experience. In Firefox on osx I have to scroll to the bottom of our iframe before the main one starts to scroll down, so it requires scrolling both our iframe and Jira to the right place in the page to see the correct part of our form.

This only occurs in the new issue view, in the old issue view our iframe is resized as desired and it does not get it’s own scroll bar.

Is anyone able to provide documentation on where this limit is specified, and if there is an way around it in this instance?

The only mention I have found of the limit is this thread: Can vendors hide and the web panel opened by a quick-add button?

I have tried using AP.resize(β€˜100%’, x) where x is larger than 1500px but this does not appear to change the max-height property of the containing div.