New JIRA design takes too much real estate in admin section

I’m developing an admin configuration page for a Cloud add-on. While it looks good on my 1920x1080 screen resolution, I decided to check how it looks on the minimal screen resolution of 1024x768 as stated in the supported platform specs.

Turns out that the two levels of JIRA menus account for 50% of the page leaving very little space to the configuration page itself. It used to be only one level of menus so that 3/4 of the page where left for the configuration of the add-on. This is way too small. On top of this, it’s impossible to collapse the first level of menu to gain more real-estate.

Is there a plan for Atlassian to address this? Either the minimal specs need to move to 1280x800 or 1366x768 or Atlassian needs to change its menus and make them collapsible.

In any case, I think that collapsible menus would be a great addition.



I ran into this as well while I was designing configuration pages for our add-on. We do have users that want to use the add-on on their iPad, so I guess that changing the minimal specs to 1280x800 isn’t a good option.

We ended up making the page responsive, but it’s not ideal. Some configuration pages simply need more breathing room. It would be great if the menus in the admin section would take up less space.


Effectively, when you only show configuration options, I guess that the space is sufficient but in my case, the configuration is much more elaborated which makes it impossible to fit, even in responsive mode. I would need to resort to modals which is not very UX friendly in some cases and which would make my task twice as big.

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Hi all,
Would you post screenshots of the problems you are running into? If you are not comfortable posting screens here, you can email me at ksnow@atlassian or direct message me. I may be able to help guide a solution, whether with AtlasKit or your specific design!

Hi Kelly,

While taking a snapshot, I realized that out of 1024 pixels, only 415 are left for the add-on admin page which is what the user wants to focus and work on, not the menus :frowning: The only viable solution is to move things to modal dialogues but that’s not a clean solution. I will send you some other screenshots directly but this is something that Atlassian should address in the new design.

This is what the page looks like on 1024x768 resolution. Red area is what’s left to the add-on.

Suddently, I don’t feel that bad :slight_smile: Seems that you guys have the same problem. I was curious so I checked a few of the admin pages. Here are the results. I strongly doubt that this will please admins. It’s very difficult to navigate and have a quick overview.

This is the workflow page

This is the customfield page. It’s now very very long …

@ksnow - are you able to share % breakdowns of common screen resolutions for Cloud customers?

let me check on this, Nick. it sure would be helpful.

I see we aren’t providing guidelines just yet in design.atlassian and JIRA has not updated settings pages yet, so it’s difficult to anticipate the way the navigation should work. Sorry about that.

I generally expect users to collapse the navigation which will improve the existing UI a bit. It’s not ideal, but at least users have some control over the screen.

Directionally, that second set of navigation would work with this nested navigation model:

I am not yet familiar with the allowable extension points in JIRA. Could you add entry point below “Add-ons” in the dark nav and take advantage of nested navigation? Getting to something like this:

Alternately, and this is a bit of a hack, place a single link under the manage add-ons link that opens a new page. Horizontal nav will give you more room as well, as long as the tab labels are succinct.

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Tanks Kelly for looking into it. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, extension points for admin pages are not available in the first level menu, only on the level that I’m currently at.

Also, the navigation component would be great but I need to insert into one, not create another one for myself. I guess that when you will have embedded the “Add-ons” admin page into a Navigation component this will solve all the problems. Do you know when the implementation of the admin pages to the new look will occur?

check out the second option i posted above (was editing as you replied!)
Meanwhile, i’ll talk to the team about timing on this.

Don’t know why I missed the second suggestion :slight_smile:

However, since you have the same issue, I prefer to wait for the admin page redesign. If you didn’t hear uproar from customers so far it’s probably because very very few people are using the 1024x768.

However, if it’s not currently the case, can you make sure that the person redesigning the “Add-ons” admin page is aware of this problem?

Thanks for the help!

@ldenton Can you provide information on JIRA’s settings pages and when those designs will be revised?

@nick @yvesriel - I’ve been researching data to help determine how big of an issue this is for the short term. I’ve found directional data. I wish it was more specific or current, but it is the best I can do!

Data for non-product sites, June 2017:

Data for cloud products, 2016:

We rely to some degree on data from this site:

The expectation is that tablet/mobile users are on the app for low screen sizes as the product is not responsive. While I agree 1024px width is barely usable in cloud products, it will only effect a small percentage of users temporarily.

I hope this helps,


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Thanks a lot for the data @ksnow! It is indeed about 2% for 1024 users and 10% for 1280 so I will not sweat it that much. Still a collapsible menu would allow for more real estate :wink:

Thanks for you help on this!

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Thanks Kelly, this is awesome context, greatly appreciated!

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@ksnow, Is it me that never saw it before or did you just add a resize/collapse feature on the menu :slight_smile:

That’s soooo cool, thanks a lot! :+1:

wish it was my magic touch, but it should’ve been there! :smile:

I know it’s very subtle but I’ve strong doubts that it was there before. If it was then I will go hide myself in the darkest corner I can find and die there in shame :slight_smile:

i never know when they are releasing some of these features when. it’s entirely possible that was just released! All in all, a good step forward on the UX