New JIRA Design


we are developing addon for JIRA Cloud, we are really close to finishing it - we’ve noticed that JIRA is slowly moving towards new design (left navigation bar instead of top navigation bar) and everything has changed it’s colors and design.

We’d like our addon to be as well alligned with overall design of JIRA as possible, so here are my questions:

  1. Not every instance is using new JIRA design - is it possible from Connect Addon to know which type of JIRA layout is now displayed to the user? (So we can apply different styles)
  2. Is there a new AUI version? The AUI page AUI - Documentation is still pointing to old styles, are there going to be new AUI released? Can we see it sooner?
  3. Should we prepare our addon to be able to serve two versions of JIRA GUI?

Hi Henry,

I’m not with Atlassian, but I can answer some of your questions.

  1. I don’t know (I’m not a developer myself).
  2. Yes, ADG 3 can be found here:
    There’s also a new UI kit, called AtlasKit:
  3. Our tactic is to simply use the new ADG 3, regardless of the layout the user is having. I think this is a common approach for Cloud add-ons.

An interesting side-note is that Server products are still using ADG 2. As far as I know, they will not be using the new ADG 3 anytime soon.


There are some answers for you here: Rolling out the new JIRA experience to your Cloud add-on customers - #4 by kewilliams

To answer #1 - There is no way for you to know.

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