New Jira issue view - How to make the plugin content panel visible by default instead of hidden

Hello guys,

We have a Jira plugin that shows our content in Jira. In the new Jira issue view, our content is hidden by default. Our users were confused and thought that there were problems with our plugin. Are there any way that we can make the frame visible (not hidden) by default?

Thank you so much for your help.

Hi @linhdang,

Apologies for the delay. There’s an open feature request for this, please see ACJIRA-1600. Given this, we highly recommend to only display the panels if there’s actually content.

It’s also worth reading the discussion about this in detail here.

Anne Calantog

Thank you so much Anne. I have subscribed to the feature request so we would know when it is done. We will also keep in mind to make the panels visible only when there is actual content.

Thank you again,