New Jira Issue View

What is the current status of the new Jira issue view. My understanding (from looking at the various pages) is that it is only for agile boards.

My problem is that I have had a support call from a customer who appears (from the screen shots) to have the new Jira issue view for the main issue page. My plugin has menu items under operations-subtasks but the customer says that these are no longer in the … dropdown menu.

I have tried looking myself but even with “New Jira issue view for software projects” activated under personal settings I am not seeing the new Jira issue view anywhere except the agile boards

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @paul,

The new Jira issue view will be rolled out to all Jira projects. Currently though, it’s mostly rolled out to Jira Software and Jira Core projects only when viewing an issue on the board & backlog.

The new issue view should be mapping to the existing extension points, as it is backwards compatible. See for more info.

Lastly, could you clarify what you mean by ‘agile boards’. We do have an entirely new Project Template type being created with a lot of new features at the board level. The new issue view is just a part of that new project type. (See

If you are using this brand new project type, we just recently enabled ecosystem apps on it, so it should appear. Would you mind sending a few screenshots or even a video of what you are seeing? If this is a bug, we will fix it asap.


Hi @tpechacek

The user included two screen shots of an issue, before and after changing to the new Jira issue view. The before shot has the edit/comment/assign … buttons at the top and the after has the paperclip, checkbox, link and … buttons that the new issue view has. Also when they click on the … dropdown menu on the far right (where my plugins menu items should be) it has the heading NEW JIRA ISSUE VIEW and the options “Show me the highlights” and “Find out more”. It’s looking very much like the new Jira issue view is out in the wild, at least for some users.

By Agile boards I was meaning the backlog.

What’s the best way to privately send you the screen shot


App panels are not displayed in business projects

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@tpechacek, is there any date set when Atlassian plans to enable add-ons in New Issue View for business projects?

We get support requests that need to be investigated case by case just to discover at the end that the culprit is a project type.

I would be much simpler to keep the views consistent which each other across project types.


Is Atlassian working on this problem?

@maciej.dudziak, not as far as I know. I asked Taylor how to send private messages but he didn’t get back to me, I have since found out how to do it. I have been trying to get permission from my customer to pass on information but I haven’t managed to get it yet, so that is holding me up at the moment.

Are you having similar problems?


Update: Passed the information on to him now

Yes, i have attached screenshot 2 messages above - New Jira Issue View

Hi everyone. Apologies for the delay. In the future if you have anything come up about the new issue view, please add the tag ‘new-issue-view’ it helps us triage them appropriately.

We have enabled support for Ecosystem apps on all Business projects that are using the new issue view. This now works across Boards (modal) and the full issue page.

Let me know if you have any issues. Cheers!


Is there any news about roll-out of the new issue view in all editions?