New layout and features for AUI Restful Table

In JIRA 7.3 the component and release view are using a restful table, which could be AUI Restful Table, but Layout and features are different.
Does anyone know, what Atlassian is using here and if this new Restful Table will come to AUI?

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Hi Holger,

Actually, the Versions (now releases) and Components views have been using the AUI Restful Table at least since JIRA 5.x. With the restyling of JIRA 7.2+ of the releases and components views, the table has gotten some renewed attention. I’ve been working with this table for some time now and to my knowledge, it is a combination of the AUI Restful table, and a specific implementation for JIRA. The AUI Restfultable is extended in the jira-project-config plugin to meet the specific requirements for working with components and versions.

I would not expect this to come to AUI mainly because the AUI Restfultable has been created with extensibility in mind. You can look at the source code in the atlassian-jira-x.x.x-source/dependencySources/jira-project-config-plugin-x.x.x-sources/components/js/

Is there anything specific of this Restfultable implementation that you would like to use for your projects?



If you have lots of rows in the table e.g., than only the first page is loaded and when you scroll down to the end, the table is expanded by another chunk of rows. Do you know, if AUI Restful Table supports the same?

I’ve never implemented my own AUI Restfultable. Looking at the documentation ( I don’t think it supports infinite scroll out of the box. The “resources > all” option sounds to me like it requires all table rows to be provided on instantiation. You could look at the JIRA source code to see if this is something that they added as an extension to the Restfultable. Perhaps you can re-use the code :slight_smile: