New Power-Up menu in Trello header

What is changing?

We are introducing a new Power-Up menu in the header! This will allow better visibility and management of Power-Ups. This change also includes the ability to show or hide your Power-Up board buttons. In the effort to make the header more focused and streamlined, board buttons will now default to be ‘hidden’ until users enable them to show on the board header.

Why is it changing?

We want to give users more control of a board’s header. The header has had quite a few things added over the development of Trello and this change will allow users more flexibility to see the board how they want.

What do I need to do?

You may need to update your Power-Up’s user on-boarding and documentation if it includes the use of board buttons. This change will require users to first interact with a board button on the Power-Up menu so any documentation/screen shots will need to be updated. All existing boards that already have Power-Up buttons enabled will have those automatically enabled on the board header.

Target Date:

Target Go Live - January 24th, 2022


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