New public link feature of Confluence - compatibility for Macros on pages shared to external people

Hi All!!

Exciting to see the new feature of Confluence to share a Public page with external users!! :star_struck:

I was just talking with @bentley about Confluence, Meetical and more and he thought it would be a great idea to reach out here and ask the #forge and #Confluence:confluence-cloud Teams if there are options to make our meetical macros visible to external users as well?

This is how I made the page public

This is how it looks like internally:

And this is the public version - without the meeting info :frowning:

Can we use Forge to solve this problem? Any other options?



Hi @LukasGotter,

Currently, Forge apps cannot be seen or used by anonymous users. But I’ll pass it back to the team that you have a use case for it.


Please also add your comment on so they know its really needed.

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Hi Michael! Nice to read from you :slight_smile: - I think there are a lot of use cases where you would want to show content property content and other metadata on public pages. Additionally, It would be great if macros get another context (like the “preview” context), so that we know we are in “public” (which I consider different from “anonymous”, since the link is private).

Any roadmap you know of for the public page feature, will it support other macros in the near future?

Any news on this topic?