New REST APIs for issue type schemes and workflow schemes management

Hi Everyone,

We’re glad to announce that we’ve recently published new APIs for issue type scheme management and now we have a full set of APIs to create, read, update and delete issue type schemes in Jira Cloud. New APIs are specifically:

You can find the full documentation of these APIs in here:

Additionally, we have introduced a new endpoint to allow assigning workflow schemes to projects:

Is there a classic project configuration API that you are waiting for? Let us know by filing a feature request.

We are currently exercising the idea to organise a webinar for our Developer Community about project configuration APIs. What do you think? Would that be useful? Is there anything you would like us to cover? Let us know in the comments.



Hi @TomaszZasada,

I am trying to add issuetype in issue type scheme but always getting error 403.
not sure why I am getting this error, I have jira admin access to do this operation.

here is my Code

                                const bodyData = `{"issueTypeIds": ["10019"]}`;

                                    url: 'rest/api/3/issuetypescheme/'+issuetypescheme_obj.values[0]'/issuetype',
                                    type: 'PUT',
                                    data: bodyData,
                                    contentType: 'application/json',
                                    Accept: 'application/json',
                                    success: function(responseText)
                                        console.log("Added issuetype in the project*******"+map.get(IsuetypeOBJ[j]));
                                    error: function(xhr, statusText, errorThrown)

Please help me here, Thanks In advance.

Hi @SarikaDalal,
Can you please create ACJIRA ticket for this and provide info like:

Hi @SarikaDalal,

Can you also check your app’s scopes in app descriptor?
These new API’s require ADMIN scope.


HI @TomaszZasada

Its working fine now, I have missed one slash in the url.