New REST APIs for Jira Issue Security Scheme released in Jira Cloud

Hi Everyone,

We’re glad to announce new set of APIs for issue security scheme this functionality:

Follow the links to read more about them. If you have any feedback or question, please leave us a comment below.

Jira Cloud Ecosystem team


Appreciate these new APIs @KlimentZlatev
Maybe I am missing something, but these are only to manage the security schemes and levels?
Any way to figure out the security levels for an particular issue?

Isn’t it available under issue endpoint, under fields → security?

   "security": {

Is that what you’re after?

Sorry, I haven’t been clear enough.
I would love to get the available security levels for an issue.
So the relation between the schema and the issue, not just the currently selected level.

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It require a different then free license and we are working on it, will be announced in next two weeks

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