NEW Starter Guide | Learn how to build an AI App using Forge

Check out this comprehensive guide for building an AI-powered application using the Atlassian Forge framework. Employing an open-source example app as a reference, it illustrates various functionalities and concepts using Forge APIs. The app demonstrates how to enhance user interfaces with features like result flags and thematic organization, making it easier to navigate content in a Confluence space.

The example app provides two core functions: page summarization, which generates concise summaries of Confluence pages, and themed space indexing, which organizes space content by themes for improved navigation. The setup process is outlined, including cloning and building the example app, obtaining an OpenAI API key, and registering, deploying, and installing the app. It also emphasizes the importance of being aware of data privacy and security when egressing user-generated content to OpenAI. Furthermore, the article delves into app configuration, UI rendering, interactions between the app’s frontend and backend, result caching, cache cleaning, and invoking the OpenAI API.

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