New top navigation as an Atlaskit component

Will the new top navigation become available as an Atlaskit component?

The old sidebar navigation is currently an Atlaskit component. We haven’t used it, but we would love to use the new top navigation in our app.

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Hi Maarten,

I’m Harsha and I’m one of the engineers working on the new top navigation. The top navigation is already an Atlaskit component and it’s called atlassian-navigation. But until now, it was hidden on the Atlaskit website because we were still tidying it’s documentation and hardening the props API.

The good news is that just earlier this week, we made the package public. You can now access its docs on the Atlaskit website and download it from npm.

But please be aware that it is still in developer preview which means that we are actively working on the component to add new features, so expect the API to change a little over time. But we do try to respect semantic versioning as strictly as possible. Give the component a go, and let me know how you find it.


Thanks Harsha, that’s great news! We’re going to look into it.

@harsha Thanks for sharing this information with us!
I have an additional question: will this be accessible for connect apps? Will it reuse existing plugin points?