"New version published" flag missing for viewer's account

Hi! Normally when viewing a page, if that page receives an update and the shown page is out-of-date, a “New version published” flag is shown with the option to reload the content. However, if the page was edited by the viewer’s account, the out-of-date flag is not shown. This may be desired behavior under some circumstances (though we’re not sure which).

However, in our case the update is made by our app using User Impersonation. The update process is triggered by the user by interaction with the page, but they did not make the update manually. The user will want to be notified of the edit that was done by the app and be provided with an easy way to update the page content which they are viewing. Hence, it would be best if the “New version published” flag was shown to the user even though the update was made using the user’s account.

This is the flag, which is normally shown:


I would like to know whether the flag being not being shown in this situation is intentional, and whether there is any workaround in our case. Thanks in advance!

One workaround which we thought of, is to detect the change by ourselves and show a custom flag in that case, but this is inferior because (as far as we know) our flag can only contain a “refresh browser page” link and not a “refresh content on page” link, like Atlassian’s flag.

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Hi @MareinKnings ,

This is a good question and I see a compelling reason for providing the notification so I’ve created https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-72514.


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