Next-Gen: JQL search for resolution field broken


it seems that for (new) next-gen projects, the JQL search for the resolution field is broken. I can reproduce this in our instance ( as follows:

  • Create new next-gen JSD project (e.g. template HR onboarding)
  • Raise new request
  • Try searching for issues with resolution IS EMPTY or resolution = Unresolved
  • Does not return any issues

This seems to be working in an older JSD next gen project, maybe it’s something with the new HR templates?

Screenshots (with resolution included):

Without searching for resolution (see that the issue is unresolved):

Any ideas? I’ve created PSCLOUD-43785 for this.

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Hey Tobias,

Thanks for reaching out. I was able to replicate this issue. I have reached out to the concerned team and will reply back as soon as I have an update.


Just got an update from our team. The concept of Classic’s resolution doesn’t exist in JSD Next-gen only (JSW next-gen still has the resolution field). Alternative is to use statusCategory != Done to do the same thing. We already have a ticket on updating the docs for this.

Thanks, that seems to be working!

Not trying to be a pain BUT is that documented/announced anywhere? There’s a reason why I tell anyone looking at nextgen projects not to use them.

Retiring the resolution field is something that I would have thought would be handle by deprecation notices.


This wasn’t documented or announced. We have taken note of this thread and it’s now in our queue to update our docs on this matter. We will let you know as soon as we have update on this.