Next-gen projects: Get a list of all available transitions

We’re developing an issue sync solution and want to offer our users the ability to synchronize also the status in next-gen projects.

In order to do that for classic projects, we retrieve the whole workflow information with all the transition details how to get from one state to another.

In next-gen projects however, there’s no real workflow object and administration, but rather a list of status. I’m able to retrieve the list of statuses via /project/PROJECTKEY/statuses, but that doesn’t contain the transition information. Is anyone aware of a REST API that delivers me this information?

Side note
I know about the /issue/ISSUEKEY/transitions endpoint, but that requires me to have an issue.


Hi @matthias,

Sorry for the slow response. I have looped in the Jira Cloud Ecosystem team to help answer this, but did you manage to find a solution?


Hi @dmorrow,

I haven’t found a solution yet and would appreciate some feedback from the Jira Cloud Eco team.


Hi @matthias,

It appears there is no API available at the moment and I can’t get a clear picture on when the feature gap will be filled.


That’s what I assumed. :disappointed:

But thank you for getting back to me.

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