Ngrok blocks get requests

I’ve been using ACE for some time. since a few days ago I cannot open my app screen from Jira (e.g. app admin page) when working on the dev environment with Ngrok. The requests don’t seem to pass through to my machine. Post requests (for example an issue got updated) are working fine. Any clue of where I should look?

Just to add, I do see the requests are being sent from the chrome developers console, I see the address is the right ngrok tunnel address, but they don’t come through. If I replace the tunnel’s address with the local machine address it works fine.


Can you tell us what the Ngrok console reports about the status of your endpoints? Any errors for those GET requests?

It seems some requests go through (also get requests) and some get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. (Ignore the 404 - the message did get to my server).

OK, so now I understand but what you mean regarding the console (the ngrok console, not the one on my local host). I need to understand how do I see the tunnel created by ACE there.

Status on console seems to be fine (see image)


Thanks for both consoles. :wink:

So far, it looks like Ngrok is not the problem. And, you can hit URLs on localhost, indicating Express (ACE) is working. With that context, the 404s and the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED seem to indicate Ngrok is not talking to Express. Maybe Express is running on a different port than Ngrok expects? I know that ACE tries to coordinate all of that but maybe it got confused?

Just to clarify, some requests do get through. I still cannot find the pattern of what doesn’t go through.