Ngrok interstitial page blocks requests

I am using ngrok to connect my localhost Add-On instance with confluence cloud while developing. Ngrok’s status is fine and a connection can be established. Also, I can look at the atlassian-connect.json of my Add-On via the ngrok ip adress and the Add-On is properly installed in the confluence cloud admin menu.

When using the Add-On, e.g. by adding it while editing a confluence page, I am referred to an ngrok interstitial page (see screenshot).

Please also see this note by ngrok about this browser warning:

It does not help to click the “Visit Site” button and as these are requests of the confluence cloud to my add-on I can not modify the headers as suggested by ngrok.

As ngrok is the suggested tool to use by atlassian while developing I am wondering if anybody has run into this problem as well and how to solve it? Thank you very much for any help!

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We use a paid version of ngrok. This also means we can keep the same subdomain, which eases development a little as it’s always the same and can be remembered.

Ngrok recently changed their subscription model, so could be moving away from free plans completely.

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