No automatic version update when updating atlassian-connect.json file

I’ve been trying to trigger a minor version update of my app by updating the atlassian-connect.json file. This usually works as expected and initiates an update.

Since Dec 24th, this hasn’t been working. I’ve made a change to the atlassian-connect.json file 3 days in a row but it is yet to update for any of my users.

Is there an issue with the process of automatically updating versions of cloud apps?

I am having the same problem with my addon over the last few days. I’ve noticed the marketplacebot isn’t pinging my atlassian-connect.json

So… yeah… not sure what to say other than that there is no SLA for the Atlassian Marketplace and to be honest I personally did not really expect any of the automated processes (incl. vendor sales reports) to be working between December 21st and January 6th (before 10am PST).

Update: Marketplace bot is back working for my addon as of Dec 30, polling every 30 minutes.