No console.log messages in forge-tunnel

Hi there,

since some weeks I am missing the console.log messages when starting the tunnel.

The other tunnel features are working like expected (e.g. hot reload) and I can see that resolver function are triggered. My colleague faces the same issue, other colleagues not.

Any ideas what might cause this?
Is there any option to set the log level?

Hey @ppasler - are you using UI Kit (1), UI Kit 2 or Custom UI to build your app?

Depending on which you are using, the console.log messages might appear in your browser console rather than the tunnel.

For example, I have built a UI Kit 2 app, and when i use console.log in the front end, the logs are found in my browser but in the resolver functions they appear in my tunnel.

I hope this helps!

Hi @mpaisley, thanks for your answer!

I am talking about UI Kit and I know about the difference between browser and tunnel logs. Some of my colleagues find the same console.log messages in their tunnel.

A quite dump mistake…

I somehow had a corrupt package-lock.json in my project, which led to an old version of @forge/resolver. Updating it solved the issue…